Wedding & Celebrations

Your most special day deserves nothing less than the perfect setting. With breathtaking views of Khao Yai’s mountains, peaceful lakes, vast terrains and lush green, we offer a coveted setting for both indoor and outdoor wedding ceremony. Immerse yourself and your guests in our private, luxury real estate community that binds beautifully with the rare sights of nature that result in a blissful and unforgettable experience.

Wedding Venues

basilica basilica_mb


Capacity 250 - 300 people | 150 Sq.m.

Situated close to Club Lago, the lake view here makes for an impressive experience, perfect for big wedding receptions as the venue is capable of fitting up to 300 people.

town_square town_square

Town Square

Capacity 100 people | 300 Sq.m.

This outdoor venue is highlighted by meticulous Italian-style low-rise hotels that intertwine seamlessly with nature’s beauty, an unforgettable scene to be shared with loved ones.

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