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A perfect Tuscan architecture and the attention to every small detail, make our villas perfectly blend in the hilly terrain of Toscana Valley. Here you can choose different parcels with different characteristics, from the stunning views from the lots right on the top of the hill, to the peaceful lots by the lakes, or the ones just meters away from the golf course.

The size of our Villas range from 400 to 2,000 square meters on a parcel of one rai up. The exterior is preciously finished off with local sand stone, coloured plaster, and imported terra-cotta roof tile as those villas in Tuscany.

Whichever vibe and location you choose, be confident that our team of architects and builders will be by your side throughout the whole construction process to make sure to deliver the villa of your dreams.

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Zone 6A

Toscana Valley Zone 6A is located adjacent to the Khao Yai National Park and enormously benefits from the fresh air purified by the dense rain forest and the calmness of the lush plantations. The land mostly surrounds by a number of lakes giving each parcel its own water frontage and privacy. Within a short walking distance, you can easily access the Club Lago where the fitness, swimming pool, and a restaurant is situated at your convenience. From here, there is a bike trail connect to our 5KM bike track for you and your family to enjoy.

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Zone 7

Toscana Valley zone 7 is located on the hilly terrain and take a horizon view of the Khaoyai Natural Park. The land surrounded by scenery of golf course and lake. From the high point down, villas of this zone overlook the Tuscan villages and Toscana's communities.

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Zone 8

Toscana Valley zone 8, is located near the front entrance of Toscana Valley. Resting on the sloping terrain, from the high point down toward the golf course and lake, villas here overlook the fairway and a large pool of water in the foreground and, far away in the background, the picturesque view of Toscana’s Piazza Tower and the Eyrie mountain top town.

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Zone 15

Toscana Valley zone 15 is located adjacent to the lake and golf course. You will delight the sunset view and the scenery of Khaoyai Natural Park.

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